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Design and printing partly in-house with additional support from Banknote designers. 100 Pcs. Gold foil, windowless 



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Our best selling solution. 

In-house Design & Printing included 

100 Pcs Included Non-NFC



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For a smaller run of notes. Design is calculated per hour on top of the cost per unit. 




While the cost can vary depending on quantity & features, the table below may help to get a clearer understanding. There is a policy in place that custom orders under 100 pieces must cover the cost of the design process. We charge $40 per hour for this.

Typically, a note takes us about 7-9 hours to complete from scratch for us (both sides). However, depending on the quality of the design, it can take longer. Orders over 100 pcs. include these design costs.

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Number: 11024503

Polymerbit is a registered trademark. 

Registered Address :

Polymerbit Ltd.

46 Jutland Road, 


B13 0TY

United Kingdom 

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