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The Process

1) Your Company or Organisation approaches us to create a note for a conference, resale, internal meeting or publicity stunt. 


2) We work closely with you to understand the companies objectives with this project; and offer consultation on possible options. A preliminary early stage design is created. 


3) Quantity, deadlines and other specifics are discussed. 


4) Client pays a 40% deposit 


5) Full design work begins (typically 1-2 weeks)


6) Client signs off on design. Amendments are made if needed. 


7) Printing begins. Client pays remaining balance (60%). (typically another 2-3 weeks, depending on quantity and features). 


8) Client receives notes; or other arrangements made if applicable. 

50 cents mockup.png

Number: 11024503

Polymerbit is a registered trademark. 

Registered Address :

Polymerbit Ltd.

46 Jutland Road, 


B13 0TY

United Kingdom 

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